Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Technology over the next five to ten years (2012 - 22) will be radically different with great improvements in increasingly shorter time spans as it b ecom es more personalized, more customized and more cu stomizable. Self - service and self - publishing are increasing as is the functionality, ease of use, and diminishing size of technology devices. The u sability of technology will increase as will the simplicity of interfaces and perhaps even become integrated biologically. These capabilities will come with an increase in the complexity of the device s . Just as automobile engines are no longer within the capabilities of the home “shade tree mechanic,” technology will be complex to troubleshoot and integrate, much of it becoming a “throw away” product like basic calculators today when they stop working. The integration of technologies will expand , including communications, computing, audio, video, handw riting and speech recognition, facial recognition, virtual keyboards and virtual screens , while becom ing much smaller and more powerful .

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